Sladden Engineering - Experience you can build on
Sladden Engineering is a geotechnical engineering and geological consulting firm initially founded in 1959. Sladden Engineering has a long history as a highly respected geotechnical consulting firm that has been involved with thousands of successful projects throughout Southern California. Sladden Engineering’s extensive project experience along with our highly qualified and experienced professionals and our multiple office locations throughout Southern California allows us to meet the diverse and expanding needs of our clients.

Our in-house geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratory offers comprehensive testing services that enable our firm to provide timely and accurate test results.
Sladden Engineering - Experience you can build on

Corporate Philosophy

We strive to be a team player that makes an impact on the project by making the best of the conditions no matter what the situation. Projects are managed on a daily basis with special emphasis on quality assurance. This provides assurance to our clients that they have the most qualified consultant on their team with appropriate knowledge, expertise and technical skills that are needed to complete the project.

We strive to meet our commitments to every client each on every project regardless of project size, location, or complexity. Since most projects are invariably subject to financial constraints, time is a critical factor. We work hard to complete every project in a timely manner, and within the authorized budget.
Sladden Engineering - Experience you can build on

Project Management

At Sladden Engineering, all of our projects are managed with the ultimate goal of providing technically sound, practical and economically viable solutions for our clients. This objective is achieved by understanding specific site conditions, engineering requirements, construction methods and costs, as well as the client’s needs.

Sladden Engineering's philosophy is to apply contemporary geotechnical engineering theory and engineering judgment in predicting the behavior of earth materials under project conditions. Pertinent field and laboratory data obtained from each project site are used to determine soils characteristics and provide geotechnical engineering parameters for project design and construction.

Professional Staff

Sladden Engineering consists of a team of elite professionals who collectively offer a unique blend of expertise, experience and innovation in all areas of geotechnical engineering. The majority of our staff is registered professionals with advanced degrees and many years of practical hands-on experience. The skill of our staff and our unique array of laboratory and instrumentation systems has enabled us to undertake large and sophisticated projects. Our expertise is further supported by a technical library which includes state-of-the-art computer programs capable of simulating complicated geotechnical and geologic problems. We have a successful track record for completing tasks usually reserved for larger consulting firms.

Key Personnel

Sladden Engineering’s staff is made up of a group of highly experienced geotechnical and geological professionals. Our support staff includes technicians, inspectors, geologists, engineers and managers experienced in handling all aspects of geotechnical and geological consulting, material testing, and material special inspection.
  • Mr. Frank D. Gorman, CEO, Principal Engineer
  • Mr. Brett L. Anderson, President, Principal Engineer
  • Mr. Matthew Cohrt, Vice President, Principal Geologist
  • Mr. Brad Hulburt, Senior Supervising Soils Technician
  • Mr. Terry Bridenstine, Laboratory Manager
  • Mr. James W. Minor III, Staff Geologist
  • Mr. Arthur Bracamonte III, Staff Engineer
Sladden Engineering has provided comprehensive geotechnical engineering services for a wide spectrum of civil engineering projects. Sladden Engineering assists governmental agencies, developers, construction managers, and other design professionals from the preliminary design phases of a development through construction. Our complete scope of services provides our clients with consistency and continuity throughout the development and construction process.
Sladden Engineering - Experience you can build on Sladden Engineering - Experience you can build on