Geotechnical & Geologic Services

Discover a comprehensive suite of geotechnical engineering services tailored for diverse civil and environmental projects, ranging from expansive residential developments to intricate infrastructure like dams, bridges, and power plants. At Sladden Engineering, we bring expertise and precision to every foundation design, ensuring the resilience of your projects.

Unearth Excellence in Geotechnical Solutions with Sladden Engineering

Sladden Engineering provides a comprehensive range of services related to geotechnical engineering. We have provided comprehensive geotechnical design and analysis services for a wide variety of civil and environmental projects.

Our past foundation design/analysis projects have included large residential, commercial and industrial complexes, dams and reservoirs, bridges and tunnels, power plants, ports and terminals, transportation facilities, earth retaining structures, and offshore facilities.

Overall Experience

Sladden Engineering’s experience includes all types of development and construction performed in Southern California. Sladden Engineering has provided geotechnical engineering, geologic, and material testing services on residential, commercial and industrial projects, municipal facilities and the infrastructures associated with these projects. From preliminary geotechnical and geological studies through construction inspection, Sladden Engineering provides a team of experienced professional and technical personnel. Our project experience includes numerous prominent clients and recognizable facilities.